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Hi. We're Streamwork Digital. We know the pain of juggling countless freelancers, agencies and invoices. We know how difficult it can be to identify a business strategy, hone your processes and find the marketing clout to back it all up. That's why we've decided to combine our services to make it easier than ever before. We're the engine that powers your business.

It’s time for a new approach to digital.
Let's streamwork your business.

Every business wants to boost sales and increase productivity. We all want our websites to look stunning and convert clicks into customers. To track customer journeys and make them even better, and automate processes to take the pressure off our talented teams. The problem is, it's often easier said than done.
Most businesses understand these elements are important, but for many it's an exhausting exercise in plate spinning. From web designers to CRM specialists, software developers to data analysts, there are too many separate elements. Not to mention the countless software platforms you have to buy to keep everything moving. It's expensive and puts huge strain on your staff, but it doesn't have to be like that...

Streamwork Digital was founded by three individuals. David Egerton is a business strategy veteran and Zoho specialist with decades of success under his belt. Mat Baxter is a skilled and versatile web developer who's always looking learn and innovate. Finally there's me, Darren Thackeray, a senior copywriter who specialises in writing powerful, persuasive prose that's fit for the modern age of conversational commerce.

We worked separately on the same projects for years, and then we realised how much more value we could bring to customers if we combined our efforts into one complete package. It just makes sense. Now we can provide all the talent and expertise your business could possibly need; one point of contact, one invoice. No drama.

Digital Transformation.

We believe there's more to succeeding online than clever marketing. To win customers and retain them, your business needs to transform itself into a high performance machine. Your website doesn't need to be a separate entity, an island on the web with nothing but a phone number linking it to your business. Your copy doesn't need to be dry and detached from your brand. Your customer data doesn't have to be stored on a dusty hard drive when it could be generating sales opportunities and helping your team deliver a better service. This is the old way of doing things, but it's still frighteningly common among startups and SMEs.

We're here to change that. We specialise in Digital Transformation, bringing each and every element of your business together into one fluid and dynamic process.

Out with the old, and in with the new.

Here’s what we do.

When you work with us, there are no contracts or minimum spends. We can become your entire marketing department or the brains behind implementing a new CRM, but we're also happy to fill in the gaps and support your team where needed. Whether you just want a new website, someone to write your blog or re-shape your content, or our you're looking for some guidance or consultancy on how to manage your internal processes, we're here to help.

Zoho & Business Strategy

David Egerton

David has devoted a lot of time to mastering Zoho, bringing Streamwork Digital to official partnership status. Specialising in CRM implementation and Marketing Cloud, David has also embraced the potential of Zoho One and the 40+ apps (including CRM) that are designed to transform your business. From strategy to implementation and everything in between, David is a great guy to have on your side.

Web Development

Mat Baxter

Mat is a self taught web designer with over 10 years of experience. Nobody we've met can navigate the nuances of web design better than Mat, and he's a stickler for clean code and creating the perfect web experience. Taking great pride in his work, Mat reflects our idea that a website isn't an island; it's a living tool that should evolve and grow with your business.


Darren Thackeray

If you truly want to connect with your audience in the digital age, selling isn't enough. Everyone's doing it. Instead, you need to strike up a conversation, earn the trust and respect of your readers, then deliver the goods when the time is right. Darren's job is to find the words that work and he's spent over 8 years doing it with roaring success. From web copy and case studies, to press releases, brochures and more, Darren combines the tried and tested techniques of traditional copywriting with everything he's learned about digital marketing.

We also surround ourselves with some of the most talented contractors and freelancers going, from brand and UX designers to photographers and videographers. If we undertake a project for you we'll take the wheel, but we're not afraid to delegate jobs to the experts where it makes sense. With us, you'll always have the perfect team for the job without the headache of trying to assemble your own set of freelancers.

Streamwork Digital are Official Zoho Partners

We've used a lot of different management, productivity and organisation platforms over the years. Businesses like ours tend to juggle several different software packages, each with their own cost, to get the functionality they need. Sound familiar?  

Before you know it, you're signed up to several different services each with their own singular objective - managing your social media, organising your customer data, scheduling your invoices, keeping your team connected.  

All of these different bits of software eat into your monthly budget, but what if there was a tool that combined everything in one complete suite with one single monthly cost? We thought it was too good to be true until we saw it for ourselves. 
Zoho One is a comprehensive collection of over 40 apps accessible through a single account. From social media automation and project management, to a CRM system that can be hand-tailored to your business (and your customers), it has everything your team could possibly need, all for as little as £1 per employee per day.

Each app is a robust and comprehensive tool in its own right. The famous Zoho CRM can transform the way you store and manage customer data. Zoho Campaigns allows you to create stunning email campaigns in minutes. Want Live Chat functionality on your website? Use SalesIQ. Want heatmaps and visitor tracking data? PageSense has you covered. And that's not even scratching the surface. Zoho Books is your accounting suite. Zoho Inventory can manage your stock. Zoho Social can streamline your social media presence. The possibilities are endless, and the cost stays exactly the same...

With one license per user, you can simply add apps when you need them - no subscriptions, additional fees or complicated contracts. What's more, everything is cloud-based so there's no need to install anything at all. Simply bookmark Zoho One, log-in and you have everything you need to power your business right there in your browser.

We're happy to get you set up with a free trial if you're interested. We can even spend a day on-site at your office to talk you through all the advantages and how it could transform your business. No fuss. No obligation.

Feeling a bit shortchanged? Yeah, this is only a holding page...

We’re currently working hard on a brand new website for Streamwork Digital which we expect to go live this summer. Until then…

…let’s talk.

Just because our website’s not ready, doesn’t mean we’re not. If you’d like to get the ball rolling and start discussing your business or any of the services we provide, simply leave your details below or call us on 01442 506515 and we'll be in touch.

No sales talk. No obligation. Just good, honest advice.

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