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Hi, we’re Streamwork Digital. We’re a combination of 3 businesses offering websites, copywriting and digital transformation.

We know the pain of juggling countless freelancers, agencies and invoices. We know how difficult it can be to identify your business strategy, establish your processes and find the marketing clout to back it all up. That’s why we’ve decided to combine our services to make mastering your marketing a breeze. We can be your designer, developer, writer – or the digital engine that powers your entire business.

Full Service Digital Agency - Streamwork Digital

Who are Streamwork Digital?

Three teams, one mission.

We’re a team of three, all doing our own thing and coming together when it truly benefits our customers. David is a business strategy veteran and Zoho specialist with decades of success. Mat is a skilled and versatile WordPress developer and web expert. Then there’s me, Darren, an experienced copywriter who specialises in writing powerful, persuasive prose to help you engage your audience.

Whether you want to tap into our individual talents or have us all working together to transform your business and boost your brand, we’re ready to help.

Web Studio

Headed by Mat Baxter

Nobody we’ve met can navigate the nuances of WordPress development better than Mat, and he’s a stickler for clean code and creating the perfect web experience. His services span from design and development right through to search engine optimisation and business automation. He can take any start-up or small sized business and make them soar online with a complete web package. What’s more, he can even cover branding, video and photography should you need it.

It all begins with a conversation. Get in touch with Mat today for an easy-going, no obligation chat about what your business needs. Everything will be quoted and costed before work begins, giving you complete peace of mind throughout the entire process.

"I couldn't be happier with the work and continued support Mat provides and would highly recommend him."

Zoho & Business Strategy

Headed by David Egerton

David has poured many hours into mastering Zoho, bringing Streamwork Digital to official partnership status. Specialising in CRM implementation and Marketing Cloud, David has also embraced the potential of Zoho One and the 40+ apps (including CRM) that are designed to transform your business. From strategy to implementation and everything in between, David is a great guy to have on your side.

Whether you’re ready to get started with Zoho or simply just want to learn a little more, get in touch with David or book a call today.

Copywriting & Content

Darren Thackeray

If you truly want to connect with your audience in the digital age, selling isn’t enough. Everyone’s doing it. Instead, you need to strike up a conversation, earn the trust and respect of your readers, then deliver the goods when the time is right. Darren’s job is to find the words that work and he’s spent over 8 years doing it with roaring success. From web copy and case studies, to press releases, brochures and more, Darren combines the tried and tested techniques of traditional copywriting with everything he’s learned about digital marketing.

Darren works with brands directly but also still does a lot of work with creative and PR agencies who outsource their copywriting. To tap into some awesome copywriting talent, get in touch today and arrange a free, no obligation chat.

"I’d certainly recommend Darren and his team to any business that truly wants to take communications beyond the mundane and functional to the engaging and inspirational."

Don’t just make your business work. Make it Streamwork.

We're more than ragtag contractors, we're partners.

No business is an island, so why should your business strategy be any different?

We believe there’s more to succeeding online than clever marketing. To win customers and retain them, your business needs to transform itself into a high performance machine. Your website doesn’t need to be a separate entity, an island on the web with nothing but a phone number linking it to your business. Your copy doesn’t need to be dry and detached from your brand. Your customer data doesn’t have to be stored on a dusty hard drive when it could be generating sales opportunities and helping your team deliver a better service. This is the old way of doing things, but it’s still frighteningly common among startups and SMEs. We’re here to change that.

You can work with our web, copywriting or Zoho departments individually, or you could tap into everything we offer in one unique package. Everything your business needs to fulfil and exceed its potential, all under one roof, with one point of contact and one invoice. Talk about streamlining…

Global talent without the admin

Individuals handpicked to work on your project

When you come to Streamwork Digital, you’ll always reach David, Darren or Mat depending on your needs and we’ll manage your project from start to finish.  We’re perfectionists and control freaks, so 90% of the time we’ll work exclusively on your project ourselves. However, there are times when it makes sense to tap into some additional talent, either to speed things up or take advantage of a particular skillset. For that, we’ve surrounded ourselves with some of the most talented contractors and freelancers going, from brand and UX designers to photographers and videographers.

With us, you’ll always have the perfect team for the job without the headache of trying to assemble your own set of freelancers or juggle countless invoices. Got a problem? Streamwork it.

The Writer's Room

Fresh from our blog, here you'll find all the very latest on web design, copywriting and all things Zoho. If there's something worth knowing about making your business better online, you'll find it here.

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