Providing you with honest advice

When we speak with clients we listen to their current situation, their challenges, their goals and their budget. We are then in an ideal position to provide practical advice on the best way forward and if that means working with us, great, if not, we’re more than happy knowing we’ve helped you on your journey to online success.

Don’t believe us? Why not book a free Zoho consultation and see.

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Working with us

We are happy to provide help and advice or provide a  comprehensive business consultancy service on implementing and running Zoho CRM, sales enablement, remote worker  and workflow tools. We love working with small  businesses that are ready to put more process control and automation in place with a single software platform that can join up the dots across the whole business so they are ready with the right tools in place for their next stage of growth.

We’ve built up key partnership and a strong team of highly skilled individuals we know and trust, allowing us to keep costs competitive by bringing in the right skilled talent at the right time.

We are, who we are

We know all too well the struggles small businesses face because we are one. Streamwork Digital is owned by David and Mat – two of the most honest guys you’ll meet in the industry, we hope 😉

We’re down to earth, appreciate the work-life balance a small business brings and know the importance of family. However, don’t let that fool you, between us we have over 30+ years of experience in business and 10+ years in web and digital marketing, so we work hard too. David heads up the Zoho sales and customer strategy side and Mat help take care of the technical side. 

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David is a skilled marketer and strategist. He approaches everything from a strategic viewpoint. He’s pragmatic, practical and focuses on getting instant results as well as building for the future. His digital knowledge has been a real asset to us at Eddison Knight and we’d recommend him and his team without hesitation.

David’s extremely knowledgeable in his field and passionate about what he does, and his streamlined process helped me get the website I wanted.

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